Cake Display Guidelines

There are a few rules of thumb that can help your cake display. They will help you present your cake in an appetizing and beautiful way by putting it in glass cake fridge. These guidelines will help you create cakes that will make an impression long after it has been consumed. It will help you make stunning centerpieces and understand basic tools.

After you have completed all the arduous work involved in making and decorating your cake, you want to be sure that it is presented appropriately. Furthermore, it is important to successfully transport your cake as well.

Cake Presentation

  • Cake Drums
    These items are used for support as cake bases. They come in a wide range of shapes and colors. Cake drums are typically 12 mm thick. Often, they are pre-wrapped in a foil. Add matching embellishments to the cake drum to create cohesion. Drums are also utilize for safe transport.


  • Cake Stands

cake stand

Stands are designed for round cakes. Stands are also utilized to construct tiered cakes. It is also possible to find stands that are designed for cupcakes. Another specialty item that is accommodated with a stand are cake pops. It will allow you to display an item that is traditionally difficult to present. The stand accommodates the stick of the cake pop. Stands, like drums, come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes.

Cake Transportation

  • Cake Caddy
    This item permits you to safely transport a completely decorated cake with no fear of smearing or touching the icing. They keep your cake in place while preventing your cake from drying out or being exposed to the elements.


  • Cake Box
    A cake box has the same purpose as the cake caddy. The biggest difference is that the cake box is designed as a one time use item. They are made from cardboard and come in several custom sizes, colors, and can even feature a logo.

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