Planning A Successful Party

Pulling off a successful get together requires the hostess to do more than just organize the party catering and call a few friends. Here’s is how to stand out as a hostess.

Have a Guest List

guest list

A list will ensure that everyone who is supposed to come is invited. Invitations should go out early so guests can plan for the event in advance. The hostess will also get RSVPs in time to know who is available.

Ready the Food

Food preparation should be done well before the guests start pouring. Doing this gives the host time to get ready to receive the guests instead of checking on food preparation when people are already in the house.

Have a Self-Service Bar

A hostess should make sure that all the drinks are well chilled and set on the bar area for guests to serve themselves, so she does not have to tend the bar all night.

Consider Everyone

The point of tracking RSVPs when throwing a party is to know who will come so that the host can provide food and drink that accommodates everyone. If there is need to have Kosher, vegetarian or Halal food, the host should provide it.

Make Introductions

Some guests may not know each other, which the host can solve with well-timed introductions. The hostess should try to work introductions into conversations and match up people with similar interests.

Plan the Entertainment



A good party is more than just food and drink; entertainment is a must-have. The host should arrange the house to leave space where the entertainment will be whether its party games, karaoke, or dancing.

Check in on Guests

Doing the rounds throughout the party is necessary to ensure that every guest has a great time. The hostess should make a point to mix with different groups so that some guests don’t feel forgotten.


Party favors are an excellent way to wrap up the night and gifts do not have to be expensive; even homemade cookies will do.

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