Wedding Cake Ideas

The cost of a simple wedding cake, and how one can use it to reduce wedding costs, surprises most couples when they sit down to put together their wedding budget.

Have cake for dessert

Simply have the cake as a part of the meal if your budget does not permit having both a cake and dessert. There is no need for a traditional cake, as you can display any cake at the reception, before serving it, as it serves the same purpose. White chocolate being the rage nowadays, you can make an elegant centerpiece by using stacked layers of white chocolate torte decorated with flowers and fruits.

Purchase a simple iced cake
You can purchased ready made iced chocolates, sold my most cake makers, and decorate it as you like. Purchase two or three different sized cakes along with plain white icing, and stack them up using cake stands. Instead of opting for a single flavor, stack together layers of chocolate, sponge, and fruit cake. For an inexpensive and classical effect, decorate the finished result with iced figures or ribbon.

Decorating with flowers

wedding cake

If possible, order a few small coordinating arrangements for wedding cake decoration purposes, when ordering your wedding flowers, as this works out cheaper than purchasing decorations. In addition, flowers are a beautiful way to decorate your wedding cake so that they gel with your wedding theme.

Fake the cake

Are you planning a small wedding but want to display a large cake? A small cake might be enough for your guests but not big enough to be a centerpiece for your wedding reception. Increase the size of the cake without significantly increasing your budget by including some fake layers.

Decide beforehand how you plan to serve the cake. You have to include the cost of cake boxes if you want your guests to take a piece of the cake with them. A special knife to cut the cake might not be required as most caterers provide it on request. Cut down on the cost of your wedding cake with these wedding cake ideas.

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